Kickstarter Fully Funded!

A big thank you to all of my backers on Kickstarter!

Denise Philipbar, Matti and Ritva Hukkinen, Pat Paradowski, Stacy Harrington, Simo Muinonen, Jim Bogardus, Michele Kishita, Robert McKay, Kevin Fricovsky, Janine Hughes, Michael Connick, Andrew Cameron Zahn, Sarah Nguyen, Beth Lorber Scher, Amy Felton-Toth, Robert Toth, Big Jack Felton, Mike Richison, Lee Stoetzel, Anne Massoni, Peter Meng,Eric Toscano, Kathy Lorenzo, Arlene Ullrich, Tony and Teddy Mason-Sherwood!

I am very excited to begin installation of my contemporary interpretation of the Finnish fish trap called a Katiska. The installation will be in human scale and invite physical participation from my audience. It is the shape of Katiska that confronts and exploits the innate and primal curiosity of the living, which often ends in an inescapable consequence.

I hope to see each one of you soon!



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